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Dr Poods' End of Season Awards! (Part One)

Posted on: January 20, 2009 2:42 pm
Edited on: January 20, 2009 2:43 pm
Hey there people, It's been a while since the last post. Here today is something for you all to have a look at, it's the end of season awards! Only Part 1 this time because I need to focus my thoughts on other issues at the present.

Also, after the debacle of my bowl picks (Have a look if you don't believe me), i'm just shaking my head at it all...upsets, comebacks, nightmares... If my picks were made into a horror movie it would surely have the censors in an uproar! But enough of that, here are my picks. I have tried to avoid the more obvious choices here, but it seems that some really stand out.

Onto Part 1...

Classiest Individual Award: Myron Rolle. The FSU safety has really made deserved headlines for turning down the lure of pro riches to study at Oxford University. Rolle has been heavily involved in charity work throughout his career, his academic standards are peerless and he's a pretty good safety too .

Apparently told he would be a first/second round pick if he nominated for the draft, Rolle decided that he could do more good by using his Rhodes Scholarship to further his education. A wise (and difficult for most) choice he made and deserves all the plaudits that are coming his way. If people think he was foolish, Bill Bradley did the same and was still able to fit in a productive carrer with the Knicks. The money will still be there for Rolle after his studies are complete in my opinion and he definitely deserves this award.

Player Of The Year:
1st: Shonn Greene RB (Iowa) Wow, what a season for this man and for Iowa. Probably the ultimate RB this season, yes, I know Wells was injured a fair bit and that Conneticut had a pretty decent rusher as well . But Greene was the mainstay of that Iowa offense. Rushing for 20 TD's in the Big 10 is a helluva good job. Showed great durability as well, the only time he carried less than 20 times all season was against Florida International (13 rushes for 130 yards. 1 TD) where Iowa recorded a 42-0 shutout. In total ran for 1850 yards on 307 carries which is a (close enough) 6 yards per carry. Helped Iowa to an 9-4 record and was instrumental against Penn State in running 28 times for 117 yards and 2 TD's.

2nd: Tim Tebow QB, HB, FB, Cheerleader, Booster (Florida) Yep, sorry all, but throwing 30 TD's against 4 picks in 298 attempts, rushing for 12 TD's and winning the SEC and NCG? His stats were a little down on last year, but he is a proven leader who was extremely effective...again.

3rd: Case Keenum QB (Houston) Ok, Ok,'s Houston who's wide open offense has been tailor made for some pretty stats. Yes, its Conference USA, but I think Conference USA is an underrated conference. Perhaps not on the level of the other mid-majors, and the East is better than the West (where Houston play), but it still is impressive to watch Keenum play. The Defense being as it was, most games were high scoring affairs, but Keenums accuracy and performance were impressive. He was also the leader in total offense at 403.2 yards a game.

One example? Versus Tulsa 11-3 (7-2 C-USA) just look at this for a line
24 - 37 - 64.9 - 402 - 6 - 0.

Tulsa had a very good year and everyone knows that Houston is going to pass and pass often, so that is an excellent job. For the season Keenum threw for over 5000 yards (5020) completed 67.4 of his passes for 44 TD's and only 11 picks. And sorry, I just luurve a pass-happy system, so a suprise (maybe?) number 3 for you.

Coach Of The Year:
1st: Paul Johnson (Georgia Tech). Installed his very effective "Flexbone" and showed everyone that regardless of the conference his offense can and will be productive. GT were expected to have a tough year this year, but he took them to a 9-3 finish in season. A remarkable achievement which was only marred by the mauling they got in bowl season.

Next year they could be even better when Johnson has had a recruiting period to get the players he wants.

2nd: Kyle Whittingham (Utah) 13-0, Beat Alabama 31-17 in their bowl appearance. Beat BYU and were the class of the Mountain West. Finished the season ranked #2 AP, #4 Coaches, #7 Harris (which if I have this right, does not have a post bowl season poll).

3rd: Brian Kelly (Cincinnatti): Disappointing loss to Virginia Tech, but a 6-1 record in the Big East and 11-3 overall give him my vote for 3rd here. Great season by the Bearcats.

Biggest Surprise (Team): Utah. Don't need to say anything about this team that has not already been said. See Kyle Whittingham for reference.

Biggest Disappointment (Team): Michigan. Many people might consider Georgia here, but I dont, for this very reason...

Georgia finished 9-3 (6-2) in the SEC East. Bama and Florida beat 'em which is not as embarassing as it could be since I have Florida #1 and Bama #3.

Overall, I just think Georgia won the games they should have, quite convincingly on occasion, and that this year the reason they have been punished so badly by pollsters is that they had NC expectations. Now, perhaps these expectations were ridiculously high since they had to beat Florida to have that hope, but IMHO they had a tough conference schedule (Tenn aside) and as I said, beat the teams they should have.

Michigan had all the high hopes of Rich Rod coming to Ann Arbor, but really, their season was an absolute train wreck and there is going to have to be some real soul searching for them if they want to return to prominence.

Well, there we have it. That's Part 1 complete for you.

More to come soon, stay tuned and as always, keep safe everyone.

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