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Dr Poods' End of Season Awards! (Part One)

Hey there people, It's been a while since the last post. Here today is something for you all to have a look at, it's the end of season awards! Only Part 1 this time because I need to focus my thoughts on other issues at the present.

Also, after the debacle of my bowl picks (Have a look if you don't believe me), i'm just shaking my head at it all...upsets, comebacks, nightmares... If my picks were made into a horror movie it would surely have the censors in an uproar! But enough of that, here are my picks. I have tried to avoid the more obvious choices here, but it seems that some really stand out.

Onto Part 1...

Classiest Individual Award: Myron Rolle. The FSU safety has really made deserved headlines for turning down the lure of pro riches to study at Oxford University. Rolle has been heavily involved in charity work throughout his career, his academic standards are peerless and he's a pretty good safety too .

Apparently told he would be a first/second round pick if he nominated for the draft, Rolle decided that he could do more good by using his Rhodes Scholarship to further his education. A wise (and difficult for most) choice he made and deserves all the plaudits that are coming his way. If people think he was foolish, Bill Bradley did the same and was still able to fit in a productive carrer with the Knicks. The money will still be there for Rolle after his studies are complete in my opinion and he definitely deserves this award.

Player Of The Year:
1st: Shonn Greene RB (Iowa) Wow, what a season for this man and for Iowa. Probably the ultimate RB this season, yes, I know Wells was injured a fair bit and that Conneticut had a pretty decent rusher as well . But Greene was the mainstay of that Iowa offense. Rushing for 20 TD's in the Big 10 is a helluva good job. Showed great durability as well, the only time he carried less than 20 times all season was against Florida International (13 rushes for 130 yards. 1 TD) where Iowa recorded a 42-0 shutout. In total ran for 1850 yards on 307 carries which is a (close enough) 6 yards per carry. Helped Iowa to an 9-4 record and was instrumental against Penn State in running 28 times for 117 yards and 2 TD's.

2nd: Tim Tebow QB, HB, FB, Cheerleader, Booster (Florida) Yep, sorry all, but throwing 30 TD's against 4 picks in 298 attempts, rushing for 12 TD's and winning the SEC and NCG? His stats were a little down on last year, but he is a proven leader who was extremely effective...again.

3rd: Case Keenum QB (Houston) Ok, Ok,'s Houston who's wide open offense has been tailor made for some pretty stats. Yes, its Conference USA, but I think Conference USA is an underrated conference. Perhaps not on the level of the other mid-majors, and the East is better than the West (where Houston play), but it still is impressive to watch Keenum play. The Defense being as it was, most games were high scoring affairs, but Keenums accuracy and performance were impressive. He was also the leader in total offense at 403.2 yards a game.

One example? Versus Tulsa 11-3 (7-2 C-USA) just look at this for a line
24 - 37 - 64.9 - 402 - 6 - 0.

Tulsa had a very good year and everyone knows that Houston is going to pass and pass often, so that is an excellent job. For the season Keenum threw for over 5000 yards (5020) completed 67.4 of his passes for 44 TD's and only 11 picks. And sorry, I just luurve a pass-happy system, so a suprise (maybe?) number 3 for you.

Coach Of The Year:
1st: Paul Johnson (Georgia Tech). Installed his very effective "Flexbone" and showed everyone that regardless of the conference his offense can and will be productive. GT were expected to have a tough year this year, but he took them to a 9-3 finish in season. A remarkable achievement which was only marred by the mauling they got in bowl season.

Next year they could be even better when Johnson has had a recruiting period to get the players he wants.

2nd: Kyle Whittingham (Utah) 13-0, Beat Alabama 31-17 in their bowl appearance. Beat BYU and were the class of the Mountain West. Finished the season ranked #2 AP, #4 Coaches, #7 Harris (which if I have this right, does not have a post bowl season poll).

3rd: Brian Kelly (Cincinnatti): Disappointing loss to Virginia Tech, but a 6-1 record in the Big East and 11-3 overall give him my vote for 3rd here. Great season by the Bearcats.

Biggest Surprise (Team): Utah. Don't need to say anything about this team that has not already been said. See Kyle Whittingham for reference.

Biggest Disappointment (Team): Michigan. Many people might consider Georgia here, but I dont, for this very reason...

Georgia finished 9-3 (6-2) in the SEC East. Bama and Florida beat 'em which is not as embarassing as it could be since I have Florida #1 and Bama #3.

Overall, I just think Georgia won the games they should have, quite convincingly on occasion, and that this year the reason they have been punished so badly by pollsters is that they had NC expectations. Now, perhaps these expectations were ridiculously high since they had to beat Florida to have that hope, but IMHO they had a tough conference schedule (Tenn aside) and as I said, beat the teams they should have.

Michigan had all the high hopes of Rich Rod coming to Ann Arbor, but really, their season was an absolute train wreck and there is going to have to be some real soul searching for them if they want to return to prominence.

Well, there we have it. That's Part 1 complete for you.

More to come soon, stay tuned and as always, keep safe everyone.

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Dr Poods' End of season Poll

Hi everyone! well, this week will be a short one because I am marshalling my thoughts for an incoherent, rambling, blase blog entry later in the week (probably, as I have got things happening). So, I hope you all had a great holiday, and here we go...

This is my poll for this week.

1. Florida - Beat Oklahoma 24-14

2. Texas - Beat Ohio St 24-21

3. USC - Beat Penn St 38-24

4. Utah - Beat Bama 31-17

5. Alabama - Lost to Utah 17-31

6. Oklahoma - Lost to Florida 14-24

7. Penn State - Lost to USC 24-38

8. Ole Miss - Beat Texas Tech 47-34

9. Georgia - Beat Michigan St 24-12

10. The Ohio State - Lost to Texas 21-24

11. Texas Tech - Lost to Ole Miss 34-47

12. Boise State - Lost to TCU 16-17

13. Virginia Tech - Beat Cincinnati 20-7

14. TCU - Beat Boise St 17-16

15. Mizzou - Beat Northwestern 30-23 (O.T)

16. Oregon - Beat Oklahoma St 42-31

17. Cincinnati - Lost to Virginia Tech 7-20

18. Oklahoma State - Lost to Oregon 31-42

19. Ball State - Lost to Tulsa 13-45

20. Oregon State - Beat Pitt 3-0

21. California - Beat Miami (Fla.) 24-17

22. Northwestern - Lost to Mizzou 23-30 (O.T)

23. Georgia Tech - Lost to LSU 3-38

24. Florida St - Beat Wisconsin 42-13

25. West Virginia - Beat North Carolina 31-30

Play of the day - Tebow "jump" pass! what a beauty. Also, to anyone else who watched the NCG, did anyone else think Bradford did a really lacklustre job of "selling" play-action throughout? The ball seemed to be clear the whole way through and after the motion... just a thought (even if it is nitpicking).

Oh, to fill your time waiting for my next efforts, check out my bowl picks! All I can say is that if you enjoy what the Germans call "Schadenfreude" then you will laugh yourself silly at my Alan Greenspan powers of prediction.

Until next time,

PS. Gee I struggled with the top 4, apart from Florida, who I believe is the number one team in the nation, 2-4 could have gone any which way.
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Dr Poods' Bowl Picks! Updated!

Well, hello again my lovelies, just wanted to post my Bowl picks for everyone. This list here is for bragging rights; therefore, I have gone for a few upsets (or not as the case may be).

Now, just so you all know I am not blowing smoke... out my pipe, There is a weight given that shows the confidence level of the picks.

National Championship Total refers to the combined score of the NC Game and is the tiebreaker. I reckon it could be quite the shootout.

Winners get smileys. (Had way too many formatting problems so far)

With picks #6 - #1 I am not too confident at all really, they (winner) get a halo so I don't inadvertantly offend. If you see a team listed with more weight that's viewed as the odds-on underdog, well....wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

As for Hawaii? Well, I think they will win over a wildly inconsistent ND. But they get a halo...Lois Taylor, you know what I mean!!

A big shout out to Lois, Craig and all the extended clan down there in sunny Melbourne or up there in frosty Wisconsin (among other places). Much love in the holiday season to you all.

Also worth noting, it has been a pleasure being involved with TDBPITL this season, so, a big shout out to The Greek and if you don’t read the man’s work... START!


Without further ado, onto the picks...

New Mexico Bowl
Sat 12/20 2:30 pm EST
Fresno St (7-5) vs Colorado State (6-6)
Weight: 34

St. Petersburg Bowl
Sat 12/20 4:30 pm EST
South Florida (7-5) vs Memphis (6-6)
Weight: 33

Motor City Bowl
Fri 12/26 8:00 pm EST
Central Michigan (8-4) vs Florida Atlantic (6-6)
Weight: 32

Independence Bowl
Sun 12/28 8:15 pm EST
Louisiana Tech (7-5) vs Northern Illinois (6-6)
Weight: 31

Emerald Bowl
Sat 12/27 8:00 pm EST
California (8-4) vs Miami (Fla.) (7-5)
Weight: 30

Cotton Bowl
Fri 01/02 2:00 pm EST
Texas Tech (11-1) vs Mississippi (8-4)
Weight: 29

Music City Bowl
Wed 12/31 3:30 pm
Vanderbilt (6-6) vs Boston College (9-4)
Weight: 28

Armed Forces Bowl
Wed 12/31 12:00 pm EST
Air Force (8-4) vs Houston (7-5)
Weight: 27

Chick-fil-A Bowl
Wed 12/31 7:30 pm EST
Georgia Tech (9-3) vs LSU (7-5)
Weight: 26

New Orleans Bowl
Sun 12/21 8:15 pm EST
Troy (8-4) vs Southern Mississippi (6-6)
Weight: 25

Texas Bowl
Tue 12/30 8:00 pm EST
Western Michigan (9-3) vs Rice (9-3)
Weight: 24

Holiday Bowl
Tue 12/30 8:00 pm EST
Oregon (9-3) vs Oklahoma State (9-3)
Weight: 23

Insight Bowl
Wed 12/31 5:30 pm EST
Minnesota (7-5) vs Kansas (7-5)
Weight: 22

Poinsettia Bowl
Tue 12/23 8:00 pm EST
TCU (10-2) vs Boise State (12-0)
Weight: 21

Outback Bowl
Thu 01/01 11:00 am EST
Iowa (8-4) vs South Carolina (7-5)
Weight: 20

Champs Sports Bowl
Sat 12/27 4:30 pm EST
Florida State (8-4) vs Wisconsin (7-5)
Weight: 19

Sun Bowl
Wed 12/31 2:00 pm EST
Pittsburgh (9-3) vs Oregon State (8-4)
Weight: 18

International Bowl
Sat 01/03 12:00 pm EST
Connecticut (7-5) vs Buffalo (8-5)
Weight: 17

Orange Bowl
Thu 01/01 8:00 pm EST
Cincinnati (11-2) vs Virginia Tech (9-4)
Weight: 16 Bowl
Mon 12/29 3:00 pm EST
Rutgers (7-5) vs North Carolina State (6-6)
Weight: 15

Liberty Bowl
Fri 01/02 5:00 pm EST
East Carolina (9-4) vs Kentucky (6-6)
Weight: 14

Fiesta Bowl
Mon 01/05 8:00 pm EST
Texas (11-1) vs Ohio State (10-2)
Weight: 13

Humanitarian Bowl
Tue 12/30 4:30 pm EST
Nevada (7-5) vs Maryland (7-5)
Weight: 12

Hawaii Bowl
Wed 12/24 8:00 pm EST
Notre Dame (6-6) vs Hawaii (7-6)
Weight: 11

Rose Bowl
Thu 01/01 5:00 pm EST
Southern California (11-1) vs Penn State (11-1)
Weight: 10

Alamo Bowl
Mon 12/29 8:00 pm EST
Northwestern (9-3) vs Missouri (9-4)
Weight: 9

Tue 01/06 8:00 pm EST
Ball State (12-1) vs Tulsa (10-3)
Weight: 8

Gator Bowl
Thu 01/01 1:00 pm EST
Nebraska (8-4) vs Clemson (7-5)
Weight: 7

Sugar Bowl
Fri 01/02 8:00 pm EST
Alabama (12-1) vs  Utah (12-0)
Weight: 6

EagleBank Bowl
Sat 12/20 11:00 am EST
Navy (8-4) vs Wake Forest (7-5)
Weight: 5

Las Vegas Bowl
Sat 12/20 8:00 pm EST
Arizona (7-5) vs Brigham Young (10-2)
Weight: 4

Meineke Car Care Bowl
Sat 12/27 1:00 pm EST
North Carolina (8-4) vs West Virginia (8-4)
Weight: 3

BCS National Title
Thu 01/08 8:00 pm EST
Oklahoma (12-1) vs Florida (12-1)
Weight: 2
This one is a total wink, wink, nudge, nudge. I think it will be 34-31 to the Sooners . If I am wrong, I am so glad I had Florida #1 in my poll last week! I'm not hedging my bets I just think it will be a classic.

Capital One Bowl
Thu 01/01 1:00 pm EST
Michigan State (9-3) vs Georgia (9-3)
Weight: 1

Again, Georgia crap season (according to expectations)....Michigan St. BAD loss to Penn St. I just wonder will Georgia show up for this game? The vibe seems to be they have written off this season. Yes, Michigan St lost to Penn St's "Octogenarian coaching inferno" (burn, baby, burn....ohhhhh, my hips!) Joe Paterno. But if Georgia's D doesn't step up I think Javon Ringer might well break one out.

Oklahoma 34 - Florida 31. So, to those who skipped those pre-school mathematics classes.....that's 65.

Well folks, for the time being that's it from me. Hoping you all have a very happy and safe holidays. Feel free to laugh at my picks if they turn out to be turkeys, but always remember that I haven't had the chance to see your picks yet.......

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Dr Poods' Week 15 Poll

Well, happy holidays to everyone, Season's greetings blah, blah, blah. That malarky can wait. Its time for my Week 15 Poll for Championship week meaning quite a few teams were inactive.

Made this a hell of a lot easier to type! So, without further ado....

1. Florida - Well, that tears it for me. The Gators have been irrepressible since the shock loss to Ole Miss which now seems to be in the very distant past. Took on a good Alabama side and whilst the stats show how even the game was, they had what it took in the 4th to really step it up and take the game, both defensively and offensively. So for me it really should be 1a Florida, 1b Oklahoma, but unfortunately you cannot do that so on the basis of all-round performance, i'll take the boys from the Swamp. But in the interests of showing you how even the game was, here are some stats!

First downs - FLA 19 Bama 18

Net Yards - FLA 358 Bama 323

Rushing yards FLA 142 Bama 136.

2. Oklahoma - Wow. hmmmm, maybe i should try something more original...


errrrrr....... ah!

Sen-bleeding-sational, The Sooners have booked their ticket for the NC game with an annihilation of Mizzou. More than 60 points for the fifth time in a row? Well, they won't get that against Florida but it still should be a fantastic game. Can't really say too much about the Big12 title game, except this. The Big 12 should have the two teams with the best records playing in their Championship game. OU - Texas or TT (yes, change the tiebreaker too) would have been fabulous. It is a joke to me that a 9-3 (9-4 now) team can get in ahead of infinitely more talented teams who went 11-1. Please stop the madness.

3. Alabama - They were in the game for most of it and just completely ran out of puff in the 4th. They only got 1 yard in the final term. A (mildly) disappointing end to a really impressive season. John Parker Wilson will look back on that title game and really lament his performance. I showed you those stats showing how even the game was, now for this one to ponder.

John Parker Wilson 12-25 187 yards 0 TD 1 INT. Ouch

4. Texas - Inactive due to Big12 ineptitude.

5. USC - Won the PAC 10 over a distinctly poor UCLA. Slick Rick might have overstated his team a little bit in the preseason hmmmmmm??

6. Utah - Inactive. They deserve this spot after going 12-0. What a great season.

7. Texas Tech - Inactive. But even they would have done better than Mizzou. 4th best team in league makes title game. What a disgrace.

8. Penn State - Inactive.

9. The Ohio State - Inactive.

10. Boise State - Inactive. But wont go to a major BCS bowl because of Utah. Bad luck lads

11. Cincinnatti - Beat Hawaii, but needed a 19 point last quarter to do it. Still, a win is a win and they showed a lot of fortitude to rally in Hawaii. Brian Kelly is probably still wiping sweat from his brow after that one.Only 3-12 on 3rd down, only 183 passing yards and they win! Great stuff from the Cinci D in this one.

12. Ball State - Hello? Is anyone there? Are you OK? No......they got flattened by that 18 wheeler that is the Buffalo juggernaut *snort*.....They fell asleep after half time allowing 35 points against them, 2 of these being fumbles returned, to quote Chris Berman, ALL.......THA.........WAAAAAAY!!. But, congratulations on an undefeated regular season, and to Buffalo? Congratulation on winning the MAC and having their first bowl-eligible team since joining the MAC. Apparently the 1958 team has been invited to join the players at their Bowl in recognition of that teams refusal to play their Bowl game because their black teammates were refused permission to play.

13. Georgia - Inactive.....since preseason it seems!

14. Northwestern - Inactive. Gosh this poll is easy this week.

15. Mizzou - Look at Oklahoma and read the last few sentences. All will become clear, I promise. They got what they deserved. Never should have been there in the first place. They are a pretty good team, but, not that good. Honked up the joint big time against a rampant Oklahoma. Which shows that none of the teams in the Big 12 North deserved to make the title game. Sorry if that sounds cruel but it is ridiculous that Texas misses out, even that Texas Tech misses out. Goodbye Chase Daniel. Hope he gets a shot at the next level. But he might not given his lack of size.

16. Ole Miss - Inactive. Great season by those Nutty Rebels.

17. Boston College - Beaten in the ACC title game by Virginia Tech. Just couldn't get anything going in a 30-12 loss. Still, they have had a good season. I feel not many people would have pegged them doing this well.

18. Georgia Tech - Inactive. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's now proven that the triple-option Flexbone can work anywhere.

19. Oklahoma State - Inactive

20. Pittsburgh - Beat Conneticut with a 24 point third quarter being the difference. Dave "I need a bigger 'tache" Wannstedt has done a really good job building up Pitt since his arrival and they deserve their Sun Bowl invite.Interesting one for you guys, it's the first 9 win season for Pittsburgh since 1982.

21. TCU - Inactive.

22. Oregon State - Inactive.

23. Michigan State - Inactive.

24. West Virginia- Squeaked it over South Florida in the coldest game they have ever played. A rather dull affair where South Florida had more offense but just could not seal the deal. Pat White looked solid enough in his Morgantown send-off, but let's be honest here, the game was a bit of a clunker.

25. Virginia Tech
-Won the ACC title game over BC for the second time in two years. So, they push BYU out of my poll to end this season.

My Heisman votes:

1. Bradford

2. Tebow

3. Harrell

4. Crabtree

5. McCoy

Coach of the Year:

Paul Johnson - Georgia Tech. Showed that his Flexbone triple option will work anywhere. Scary to think that this year he didn't have "his" players yet. This guy is one Heckuva coach

Runner-up: Brady Hoke - Ball State
2nd Runner up: Brian Kelly - Cincinnatti

So there we go, thats my take on this weeks action. Everyone keep safe and enjoy your holidays!
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Dr Poods' Week 14 Poll

This week guys I thought I would try something different. maybe some CFB limericks!
Still have my argument though

1. Alabama - Shut out Auburn 36-0. Not only nice to snap that Iron Bowl streak, but they seem to be playing some really nice football. 234 rushing yards, almost 36 minutes of possession and that defense held Auburn to 170 yards. They deserve to stay number 1.

There once was a feller named Saban,

Who was looking for a new safe haven.

His team's a machine,

He's living the dream,

Looks like he got what he was cravin'

2. Florida - Well, I was considering turning this one off early. Geez Florida looks scary at the moment. I know I have been saying that for weeks now, but if 'Bama wasn't unbeaten I would certainly have consider them number 1. I know thats tough on Oklahoma, but Florida is irresistible right now.

There is a young man that's called Meyer,

His team is on absolute fire,

Poor Florida State,

They stuffed out of the gate,

Which is a true Gators highest desire.

3. Oklahoma - blah, blah, blah, running up the score, blah, blah....don't care if they did (and remember, that game was deceptively close until a late fumble). I love offensive football and Oklahoma is one of the best offenses to watch at the moment. Oklahoma State came into the game 9-2 and were desperate to cause an upset. They lit it up too, but Oklahoma lit it up MORE.

There is an old footballing law,

That it's not nice to run up the score.

The Sooners, they did it,

Probably even admit it,

They're too good to care anymore.

4. Texas - Another rivalry game on a great weekend of football saw hapless A&M get booted out of town 49-9. Another team that went on a last half scoring binge.....yawn...oh, i'm sorry, The Longhorns are firmly entrenched at number 4 stuck in a 3 team beauty pageant to make it to the Big 12 title game. Can they do it? I think Oklahoma is slightly better overall, but there is 45-35 to remember.

In Texas there's nothing like winning,

That and some moderate drinking.

The Aggies came down,

And they left with a frown,

What was poor old Mike Sherman thinking.

5. USC - Poor old Notre Dame, now even the snowball are flying. Still, this is not about them, its about USC so on we go....USC thumped the Irish 38-3, but strangely for a Pete Carroll team this late in the year magnanimously took their foot off the gas a bit. I like that, its still a big win, but its nice to their opponents....USC you loveable, puppy dogs you! They still need to to beat Slick Rick and the Bruins next week to keep PAC10/NC hopes alive. But I don't think they should make the NC game. And they wont.

One night when Pete Carrol was sleeping,

A nightmare came quietly creeping.

His team they were leading,

But old Pete was still dreaming,

Cos it wasn't USC but his Jets.

6. Utah - Inactive

Utah have had a great year,

They are one of the teams of the year.

But to celebrate this brand new world order ,

You have to cross over the border,

Cos in Salt Lake there's no full-strength beer.

7. Texas Tech - Well after the "Mournin' in Norman" they fell to earth a bit, and early on against Baylor it was not looking good. The defense looked about as sturdy as an Afghan government and the offense was not clicking. To make matters worse, they needed a 14 point last quarter to beat Baylor 35-28. But, towards the end of the third they showed some of the quality they undoubtedly have as a unit. Harrell was firing with Detron Lewis taking over for Michael Crabtree (9 catches 68 yards TD) and the defense made some great stops. But for the limerick I will simply use one I posted the other night somewhere else...

There was a head coach called Mike Leach ,

We all thought his team was a peach,

But we did not then know,

How their game would go,

Now they spend new years day on the beach.

*Note, that one was before the Baylor game - but it probably still applies

8. Penn State - Inactive.

Looking at old Joe Paterno,

Octogenarian coaching inferno,

A question was asked,

How long will it last?,

He sure is one bloody old fellow.

9. The Ohio State - Inactive

Jim Tressel they say is a master,

who never takes no for an answer,

But if his favourite vest,

Destroyed old Jimmy's chest,

My friends, that would be a disaster.

10. Boise State - They say they wanted to send a message and they did in a fashion. In totally dismantling Fresno State 61-10, they desire any voter to bump them over any higher teams on the list. Well, sorry guys, That first half did not look very good at all and the explosion, and I do mean explosion, of 48 points smacked of desperation. Yes they are a good team, Yes they would be competitive in a BCS Bowl game, but I just think they are where they should be right now. So they need luck if that's going to happen.

I feel sorry for old Boise State,

They deserve to be in the debate,

But sadly for them,

They are number 10.

I'm sorry that isn't that great.

*Apologies to Boise - Undefeated season, well done.

11. Ball State - Capped off an unbeaten season by beating Western Michigan. It was a good performance, they deserve a little ratings jump. Interesting stat, it is their first unbeaten season since 1949. Nate Davis is a hell of a QB, good decision-maker, nice arm and a dual threat. Good team, great season. Well done to the Cardinals.

Is their coach Brady Hoke going?,

Sadly there's no way of knowing,

But there's nowhere to go,

And that, Brady knows.

If he does though, the curses start flowing.

12. Cincinnatti - Thumping

Still, they have done a nice job this year and Brian Kelly and his boys cant be rightly pleased with their results. But, sorry, I need somethin funnier because this idea is becoming harder and harder, so in honour of Syracuse...

Greg Robinson has now got the sack,

For the Orange there is no going back,

Blood cold as ice,

Cos their team's just not nice.

But maybe they can get Charlie Weis.

13. Mizzou - Lost to Kansas, that's gotta hurt and I think it has to go down as a real upset given Kansas' injury problems. Todd Reesing did a Superman impersonation in out-throwing Chase Daniel.  They go to the title game with an underwhelming record for a conference champion, and what has to be a painful loss for them.

The Big 12 is offensive central,

The North, it is totally mental,

But sadly the South,

Puts a bad taste in your mouth.

That title game's gonna be dreadful.

14. Boston College - Won their division thanks to Flutie. No, this is not a VH1 Classic show, it was Billy Flutie with another "pint-sized miracle". Good job by the Eagles, Jeff Jagordzinski has seemingly brought his pro experience to the Eagles and made them relevant again.....we shall see.

Doug Flutie, was short in his stance,

But obviously not in his pants,

And neither's his brother,

Who sired another,

QB for the Eagles to love.

15. Georgia - Lost to Georgia Tech thanks to a 26-0 3rd quarter by GT. The defense got gashed, Roddy White rushing for 214 yards! including the winner, a 54 yard rumble into the endzone. Georgia have been disappointing this year, but they did well to come back in the last and make a game of it.

At the start of this wonderful year,

Georgia was the team to fear,

But they were sadly awoken,

And their spell was broken,

Hang on, did I just see a tear?.

16. Northwestern - Inactive.

The last time that they were this good,

There were motor cars made out of wood,

Bit not that they're crying,

Academics are trying,

LSU? well, they would if they could.

17. Ole Miss - Thumped Mississippi State. Great year by Ole Miss. I'm sure if you had told them at the start of the season they would have a year like this, they would be very pleased. I still think they will look back and regret all those losses, none being over 7 points.

Ole Miss is gonna go bowling,

The question is who are they playing?,

Their coach is a Nutt,

Who got them out of a rut,

Their defence is gonna take solving.

18. Georgia Tech - Much like last week, all I can say is Run, Run, Run. Nice Job Mr White.

We all know that Tech run the ball,

It isn't a secret at all,

Their coach is from Navy,

His offense is gravy,

Those Tech boys are all walking tall.

19. Oklahoma State- That was actually closer than it seems, but it can't excuse the ineptitude of the defensive effort shown by the Cowboys. Mike "Man" Gundy, that was really food for thought. That unit has had some great games, but a prolific passing offense can really show up some deficiences.

There once was a man named Mike Gundy,

Who went to bed early on Sunday,

His mum asked him why,

And he started to cry,

He said "Mum, I'm a man I am forty"

20. TCU -  Inactive.

Their record tied with BYU ,

But I still dont know what they did do,

I've only seen highlights,

And a couple of lowlights,

But this team is quite good it is true.

21. Oregon State - Got hung up to dry by the Ducks. A sad end to a good (8-4) season.

This is a very sad story,

Of a team that was searching for glory,

But they got badly smoked,

It was kind of a joke,

Well, at least a big beaver is furry.

22. Michigan State - Inactive.

Michigan State are now all alone,

They are waiting right there by the phone,

But you're sadly mistaking it,

Cos they're simply not making it,

You guys spend New Years Day on your own

23. BYU - What an awful end to the season for their fans. What started with so much promise has collapsed by like a house of cards. I kinda feel sorry for them.

Their season, it was kind of strange,

For a while they were all the rage,

But It all fell apart,

After a really great start,

At least they still had Danny Ainge.

24. West Virginia - Beaten by Pitt.....that's not the way they would have pictured their season ending. That loss handed the title to Cincy. least they have next week.

Rich Rod had a season that was crappy,

At Michigan they are felling all flappy,

But while WVU,

Had a poor season it's true,

At least that part will make them happy

25. Pittsburgh
- They have really improved under Dave Wannstedt. It has taken time, but now they really have a good unit that is capable of a rosy future. Nice win over West Virginia, now only Conneticut to go.

There was once an NFL coach,

Who was showing the new guy the ropes,

He said "Don't look so ashen",

"and I hope you have passion",

"Because a mustache is always in fashion"

----There we go, Thats my unique slant for this week. Hope you liked it guys.
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Dr Poods' Week 13 Poll

Here we go. This week sees lots of movement because Texas Tech made my nightmares come true. That was a massacre, plain and simple. Couple that with the fact that it was Oklahoma, geez thanks Mike .

1. Alabama - Unbeaten, and true to form I would never drop a team that hasn't lost.  Also, won't drop a team that hasn't played. Again thanking Mike Leach for making my life a misery, say hello to my new #1

2. Florida - Bloody hell! very little work for the first team in a glorified "scratch match". Was kinda like Shirts versus Skins in the playground, except that looked more like Shirts versus Skinned. Skinned alive. That was truly amazing, it just shows off the talent in depth that Urban has down there in The Swamp.

3. Oklahoma - 65-21 over Texas Tech was jaw-dropping. I mean, I knew Tech's defense was flimsy, but Bradford didn't even throw much completing 14-19 for 304 yards??? I mean christ almighty! thats 16 yards an attempt! But coupled with 299 rushing yards it was a brilliant display by the

4. Texas - Inactive. Thanks again Mike you %*^%$$!!! Ouch, my head.

5. USC - see Texas

6. Utah - Great win in the "Holy War" against BYU, but still 21 last quarter points made it look a little safer. Congratulations on a great season to the Utes. Gee, BYU went from heroes to zeroes in the latter half of the season. More on that later.

7. Texas Tech - What the hell happened? Im sure I am not the only person thinking that after doing an all-nighter to watch what promised to be a cracker of a game. Two things spring into mind. I said earlier in the week it "promised to have more missiles than a Khruschev - Kennedy reunion tour" Well, funny that, it unfolded much the same way, and I know who was Khruschev on this occasion. I still think they are a good team, but the defense showed its true colours. They couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery.

8. Penn State - Looked very effective against Michigan State. The only reason I have Texas Tech above the Nittany Lions is I (only just) feel that Tech would win if they played each other. Clark looked really good in completing career highs for passing yards (341) and Td's (4). The defense was also extremely good. Really, really, good win. Gee, that hurts Michigan State.

9. The Ohio State - Beat Michigan, ummm, That's nice. I don't know if I like them or not really, They played well but from what I saw it turned on a few plays. Good team, but what about Mr Wells huh???

10. Boise State - Beat Nevada. It was a tale of two cities for them as the second half looked like a different team. And not a particularly great one. Nevada almost pulled it out of the fire at the end.

11. Mizzou - Inactive.

12. Oklahoma State - Inactive. Huge game next week. Could throw a spanner in the works again. Should be prime viewing. Don't think they will win, but you never know with these rivalry games. Zac Robinson is an efficient quarterback completing 67% or so of his passes and that rushing attack is really, really good with Kendall Hunter and Keith Toston combining for over 2000 yards and 23 TD's.

13. Ball State. Got Western Michigan coming up with a win will wrap up an undefeated season, but, sadly thats irrelevant i'm afraid.

14. Oregon State - Squeaked by Arizona 19-17. Hmmmm, not interested, sorry. Been looking good after a poor start and if they can beat Oregon in the finale that should please them. Would mean they have salvaged something from what has become a pretty decent season.

15. Georgia - Inactive.

16. Cincinnatti - Good win over Pitt. Pike 26-32!. 7 sacks! Nice win against a good Pitt team.

17. Northwestern - Beat Illinois and got them dropped from Bowl eligibility, which makes me wonder why a 5-6 team was still eligible for a Bowl. Only the 5th time ever they have won 9 games in a season. Nice job by the Wildcats

18. Boston College - Over Wake forest 24-21. Took a late score for them to win but a win's a win.

19. TCU - Really thrashed Air Force 44-10. Air Force were 8-3 before this. I think thats a very good win. Apparently Gary Patterson's supposed to be going to Kansas State. HAH! Methinks that would be quite foolish. But if he does go? well, I would use a quote from Monty Python's Life of Brian "No he's not the Messiah, he's a VERY....NAUGHTY.....BOY"

20. Ole Miss - Not getting much love from any other polls, which I think is very unfair. Beats Florida and LSU, does well against Alabama, the thing that really hurts them is none of those losses exceeds 7 points. Bet they wish they could have another go at some of those.

21. Michigan State - See Penn St and then reverse it. Gosh, how easy it was to talk about them this week.

22. BYU - Utah really showed how BYU was a paper tiger this year. Some good thrashings of some decent teams, but that loss to TCU earlier in the season made me think of a joke about their BCS hopes......Why is BYU like a balloon? One prick and they are gone.

23. Florida State - Knocked Maryland out of my poll with a 37-3 beat-down. Really controlled both sides of the ball and so here they are...your number 23!

24. Georgia Tech - Beat Miami. My recap of the game goes much like, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, pass and repeat until opponent screams something about seeing a "white light"

25. West Virginia
- Get in this week and should be on their knees thanking Cincinatti for that. Nice win over a struggling Louisville helps too. 200 yards from Pat White was nice. Gave him top rushing marks by a QB at NCAA and Big East. Well done.

That's it for this week. Let me know what you guys think
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